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Terraforming Mars: Prelude Empty Terraforming Mars: Prelude

le Ven 9 Mar - 15:25
Une nouvelle extension est annoncé pour Terraforming Mars :

W. Eric Martin for Borgamegeek a écrit: Terraforming Mars gets another small expansion from FryxGames and Stronghold Games, with Terraforming Mars: Prelude due out in July/August 2018.

This expansion includes new corporation cards as well as new "prelude" cards. Stronghold's Stephen Buonocore explained that each player would begin the game with four prelude cards — possibly acquired via drafting, but I can't recall the details right now — and each player would choose two of them with which to start in play, discarding the other two. Thus, each player has more differentiation from the get-go, leading to more variability from the first round on.
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